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Rompope {cocktail} and ‘Winter Cocktails’ cookbook Giveaway

Winter Cocktails {Quirk Books} |

With everything at one’s cyber fingertips, the convenience of virtual recipe hunting has fulfilled an immediate gratification for instantaneous discovery.  I’m here to say as much as I too love the spontaneous hop online for a new food or drink find, nothing can replace the feeling of holding a good book in your hands; sliding […]

The Best Winter Salad and Delicious, Healthy New Year Recipes

The Best Winter Salad |

Did you ever see the movie ‘Willy Wonka’?  Do you remember the scene when the contestants and their accompanying parent made it through the madcap start of their journey to arrive in the Wonka inner sanctum with the chocolate river, edible foliage and Oompa Loompas?  Willy Wonka told them they could eat anything they chose […]

Fresh Colorado Greens in Winter: Jay Hill Farm and Michael Pollan Giveaway!


Last year about this time when I was in my full locavore challenge mode, I had gone out to dinner at Restaurant 4580 in Boulder.  It had been a few months since I’d seen greens and had been craving a salad for weeks.  I was diligent about only eating what was available locally and seasonally […]

Berries In Winter

How to Freeze Raspberries (golden raspberries) |

A  favorite childhood story of mine  was about my Great Grandmother’s meeting with a young scientist who had visited the Carnegie Institute in Washington D.C.  where my Great Grandfather was the administrator.  Grampy brought him home one day because this young man was brimming with enthusiasm to speak to a ‘real housewife’ about his concept. […]

Read Your Ingredient Labels and Check Your Expiration Dates People!

After all the Halloween mayhem subsided Sunday night, the culling through candy began.  When I was growing up the most menacing issue in my small town was whether someone stuck a razor blade in an apple.  We were free to have our candy and any fruit taken to the local hospital to be x-rayed before […]

Winter Citrus White Sangria

Winter Citrus White Sangria -

A few weeks back we had a four day weekend for President’s Day.  Thursday night my kids and I spontaneously decided to pop in on one of our favorite neighborhood haunts for an early bite to eat to kick off the break.  On their menu was a featured Sangria.  For those who are unfamiliar with […]

First Day of Winter Share

winter CSA share

I don’t use emoticons.  To me they signal the backward slide of written civilization toward the caveman times where the use of stick drawings was progress.  I mean really who turns their head 90 degrees and smiles as the colon followed by the right parenthesis depict?  HOWEVER were I to use an emoticon (and I […]

Black Pepper Scones with Grapefruit Curd

Black Pepper Scones with Grapefruit Curd. A sweet, tangy, spicy way to start any day! -

Each winter my Mother in Law flees the bitter cold temps of the North for the more hospitable warmth of Florida.  Along with her snowbird winter departure begins great anticipation in our household for a bounty of fresh citrus fruit she sends us to christen the season.  Over the holidays or in early January we […]

Candy Cane Hot Cocoa Pops

Candy Cane Hot Cocoa Pops. Swirl this pop in a cup of hot milk for rich, creamy peppermint hot chocolate. With printable gift labels!

I’m finding myself circling around my holiday preparation this year rather than diving right in.  I have covered our Countdown to Christmas box contents.  I made sure St. Nicholas knew where the kids’ shoes were on the night of December 5th so he could fill them (wink).  And then it all comes to a full […]

DIY Orange Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub {all natural homemade gift idea}

DIY Homemade Orange Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub with free Printable labels -

My hands look about 164 years old.  Ok, that IS an exaggeration.  Not a day over 153.  We have entered the time of year, certainly in Colorado, where it feels that the moisture Gods have packed up for the season and headed to Florida or some other place that is more forgiving on skin.  It’s […]

Slow Cooker 3 Bean Winter Chili

Slow Cooker 3 Bean Winter Chili -

Based on recent review of the top pages Boulder Locavore readers are visiting, I think everyone is drinking (a lot), making homemade beauty/bath products and liqueurs with some gluten-free cookies sprinkled in for good measure. Despite this you have to eat. Today’s post is intended to get some warmed goodness worked into the holiday celebrating! […]

Warm Cranberry Honey Dressing and Winter Salad

Warm Cranberry Honey Dressing with Winter Salad. A beautiful, creamy option to dress up any winter salad! -

On the day I’m writing this, the snow has been falling delicately all day long.  We had snow earlier in the week with a day’s break leaving the sun to come out and illuminate the white foothills and snow-laden trees as the inside scene of a snow globe; flocked foliage and idyllic mountains.  The snow […]

Persimmon Winter Bundt Cake with Hard Sauce Glaze

Persimmon Winter Bundt Cake with Hard Sauce Glaze.Warming spices make this seasonal cake recipe perfect for any occasion. Gluten-free or gluten options. -

Being November, it’s all about pie.  I’m not quite sure why the requisite Thanksgiving dessert is pie, but it is.  Even deviating from the standard choices of pumpkin or pecan feels like selling out on the roots of the holiday. I’ll confess we do make a pumpkin pie each year but have a family tradition […]

Kissing Winter Goodbye: Homemade Pear-Infused Brandy


Normally this time of year would be a seasonal cusp, ebbing and flowing between a dwindling winter and promise of summer.  This year however it has been unseasonably warm punctuated by a brief attempt at snow last week.  As winter disappears quickly into our rear view mirror I had the idea to infuse some brandy […]

‘Glasgow Tonic’ or ‘Uncle Wilson’s Hot Toddy’

Glasgow Toddy |

‘Glasgow Tonic’, or ‘Uncle Wilson’s Hot Toddy’, as this beverage is known in our house was born a few years back when a well-loved family friend was visiting from Glasgow Scotland.  I don’t now recall if I had a cold, was getting a cold, wanted something warm (and spiked) to drink or what the circumstances […]

Winter Salad with Hot Cranberry Dressing & Baked Salmon with Curly Kale


As promised I am sharing another favorite, lesser known seasonal cookbook.  If you might be fortunate to hail from the Pacific Northwest you undoubtedly know of Ann Lovejoy.  She’s an accomplished author in the cookbook and gardening genres.  I first came upon Fresh From The Garden Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by Kitchen Gardens in a local Boulder bookstore […]

Black Quinoa with Brown-Butter Sage Buttenut Squash and Pepitas

Black Quinoa, Brown-Butter Sage Butternut Squash -

With Halloween being a mere two weeks away I wanted to come up with some healthier options to serve at parties and to celebrate the holiday.  I found myself stalking the produce section of the grocery store admiring all the brilliant orange and yellow vegetables that could be whipped into a chromatically complimentary dish to […]

Persimmon Margaritas with Homemade Cinnamon Simple Syrup

Persimmon Margaritas with Cinnamon Simple Syrup -

Do you ever find when the seasons change there are new fruits or vegetables at the store which you’ve never seen let alone have any idea how to eat them?  I did not eat a kumquat until about three years ago when someone tipped me off to just pop them in mouth without trying to […]