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Dublin Coddle and Irish Soda Bread (gluten free)

To say I have a soft spot for Ireland is an understatement.  I was raised with an Irish Uncle, Frank McGorty, who ensured every family gathering ended in song and with spirits high (those of the attendees and I suspect a wee bit in the glass). I will always remember my first business trip to […]

20+ Gluten-Free Game Day Recipes

As I’ve been reading about the possible last minute move of the Super Bowl due to expected inclement weather, it struck me what a big deal that would be.  I’m not just speaking of those spending several thousand dollars on tickets and travel but the tradition of it all.  ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ is one click […]

Crock Pot Garlic Chicken and a The Fresh 20 Giveaway!

This time of year is crazy.  For me personally I’m juggling kids with three after school activities in opposite directions, finishing at different times, and an unending list of appointments for my family, me and my house.  And though I am a food blogger, I’ll admit on many days I feel like a deer caught […]

Lemony Romanesco with Pine Nuts

Though we are still getting dumps of snow, spring IS in the air.  There are subtle signs.  The snow quality is far wetter.  The duration it stays on the ground is fleeting, immediately melting on the pavement signaling enough warmth that winter is no longer welcome.  Most importantly the temperature between the snow showers feels […]

Gluten-Free Birthday Cakes: 20 Recipes & Cool Tips

It’s birthday season in our household which means I need to gear up to bake gluten-free birthday cakes galore!  Most gluten-eaters do not realize the luxury of ordering a birthday cake from a local bakeshop or grocery store.  For some who are gluten-free, there are local bakeries offering gluten-free options (though often very expensive) but […]

Baked Brie with Maple-Pumpkin Butter, Honey, Marcona Almonds and Pepitas

This elegant, taste-of-fall Baked Brie could not be a more simple or fantastic appetizer!  Keep a secret?  It can be whipped up in about 20 minutes.  No one will ever know how easy it is! Along with cooler weather comes more entertaining.  Casual gatherings, dinner parties, holiday parties all prompt the need for innovative recipes […]

20 {Gluten-Free} Cinco de Mayo Food & Drink Recipes

I cannot think of a cuisine in the United States that has a more broad appeal than Mexican food.  Granted my locality lends itself to an abundance of good Mexican food with influence from the Southwest as well.  I think for me discovering my love for the spicy, earthy flavors so young it’s my ‘go […]

Authentic Irish Coffee

I have been fortunate to travel to Ireland many times, mainly for work.  The first time I arrived in Dublin and exited the plane into the chilly, damp Irish air I was overcome by a feeling of being ‘home’.  I have had many an adventure on my travels including accidentally driving into Northern Ireland with […]

Black Forest Gateau and the Irish Country Cookbook {Giveaway}

I have been fortunate to travel and live in other parts of the world.  Everywhere I’ve been holds a unique charm but for me there is no place quite like Ireland.  I had no preconceived notion about it before going there on my first business trip more years ago than I care to mention, but […]

Read Your Ingredient Labels and Check Your Expiration Dates People!

After all the Halloween mayhem subsided Sunday night, the culling through candy began.  When I was growing up the most menacing issue in my small town was whether someone stuck a razor blade in an apple.  We were free to have our candy and any fruit taken to the local hospital to be x-rayed before […]

Irish Potato Soup

My family tapestry is one that is very culturally eclectic.  My maternal side of the family hails from the U.K. primarily, with deep roots in Scotland on my Grandmother’s side.  As a Yank my heritage has always seemed distant and muddled; only relatable through family trees and Grandparent stories. I once was traveling in Scotland […]

Authentic Irish Colcannon & St. Patrick’s Day

Since I was a child I’ve loved St. Patrick’s Day.  Being unaware of the religious origins it was all about the whimsy of leprechauns, pots of gold and other unexpected folly of the day; claiming that one’s undergarments were green when forgetting to wear the pinch-avoiding color visibly.  Having Irish heritage woven in my extended […]

Candy Cane Hot Cocoa Pops

I’m finding myself circling around my holiday preparation this year rather than diving right in.  I have covered our Countdown to Christmas box contents.  I made sure St. Nicholas knew where the kids’ shoes were on the night of December 5th so he could fill them (wink).  And then it all comes to a full […]

DIY Orange Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub {all natural homemade gift idea}

My hands look about 164 years old.  Ok, that IS an exaggeration.  Not a day over 153.  We have entered the time of year, certainly in Colorado, where it feels that the moisture Gods have packed up for the season and headed to Florida or some other place that is more forgiving on skin.  It’s […]

Double Irish Trouble {adult milkshake}

This milkshake is for those of drinking age to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  Please drink responsibly! As we near St. Patrick’s Day, I’m brimming with inspiration for fun food to celebrate.  Some are actual recipes I’ve gotten while traveling in Ireland, and others a more whimsical take for the holiday. Much of my travel to […]

PLaYing at The Broadmoor & the Purple Pin {adult milkshake}

When driving  through Colorado Springs, usually en route to Santa Fe or Taos, I’ve thought I really should spend a weekend there knowing it has much exploration to offer.  It is a gorgeous setting nestled in the bosom of 14,000 foot Pikes Peak.   As work the wiles of serendipity, my family and I were invited […]

A Fun Holiday Outing and Russell’s Smokehouse (Denver CO)

I think there is nothing like a trip to a city for a good injection of holiday spirit.  This year somehow it feels more like the walls are closing in rather than looking toward a cheery prelude to Christmas over the next three weeks (even writing that tempts a panic attack). During my upbringing it […]

Brunch at Duo, Bloody Marys and Local/Seasonal Dining in Denver

I enjoyed ringing in another birthday a few weeks back.  As I thought about what I’d love to do I wanted to have a simple, low key day to compliment the over committed months prior.  I am a person who loves all things new as well as exploring so having a beautiful meal of locally […]

Sunday Brunch Prima Restorante and The Aluminum Show

When was the last time you went out for Sunday Brunch?  May I make a suggestion?  Kevin Taylor’s Prima Restorante in downtown Denver.  It’s a perfect location with immediate proximity to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Larimer Square, LoDo, 16th Street mall and more.  A companion and I popped in a few weekends […]

Gather: a Spontaneous Intimate Dinner & a Beet Down {cocktail}

Ordinarily when I attend a dinner that I know I’ll be sharing on my blog, I research first so I’m prepared.  This was not the case last week when heading to Denver for ‘Gather: a Spontaneous Intimate Dinner’ at the Denver Botanic Gardens featuring locally-heralded chef, Daniel Asher, from the hot spots Root Down and […]