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Spiralized Broccoli-Stem Carrot Slaw with Dried Cranberries

Spiralizer Broccoli-Stem Carrot Slaw with Dried Cranberries & Sunflower Seeds -

Sweet broccoli stems are the star ingredient in this crunchy, tasty slaw. Combined with carrot spirals, dried cranberries, green onion and sunflower seeds the salad has a sweet, wonderfully textured bite. Truly irresistible!

The recipe may be doubled keeping the proportions the same.

Read Your Ingredient Labels and Check Your Expiration Dates People!

After all the Halloween mayhem subsided Sunday night, the culling through candy began.  When I was growing up the most menacing issue in my small town was whether someone stuck a razor blade in an apple.  We were free to have our candy and any fruit taken to the local hospital to be x-rayed before […]

Chicken Salad with Dried Cranberries and Almonds & Summer Picnic Lemonade Cocktail


During the summer my kids swim on a summer swim team.  I did also as a child and again in High School.  It’s a very fun summer sport with families setting up personal tents side by side to shield the beastly sun and catch up after the long chilly months of no contact. There is […]

Candy Cane Hot Cocoa Pops

Candy Cane Hot Cocoa Pops. Swirl this pop in a cup of hot milk for rich, creamy peppermint hot chocolate. With printable gift labels!

Candy Cane Hot Cocoa Pops are both a fun craft recipe, gift idea and a delicious way to make peppermint hot chocolate from scratch. Mini Dixie cups are filled with melted chocolate, itty bitty marshmallows all on a candy cane stem that when hardened is a stirring stick to turn plain hot milk into a magical winter treat! [Free printable labels|] included!

DIY Orange Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub {all natural homemade gift idea}

DIY Homemade Orange Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub with free Printable labels -

This simple, creamy Orange Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub is destined to become your new favorite and a favorite gift to give! The coconut oil has a moisturizing emollient effect on the skin and smells delicious like a tropical vacation. The essential orange oil adds a fresh lively scent of citrus. The sugar provide a gentle exfoliation without any harsh drying effects and dissolve easily in the tub or shower. Cute printable gift labels add the finishing touch to make this a perfect gift you can create in less than 30 minutes.

Supersonic Peanut Butter Energy Bars {that Kids and Adults will love!}

Supersonic Peanut Butter Energy Bars - #glutenfree

These easy to make energy bars are chock full of healthy nuts, seeds and energy powerhouses like Chia seeds and Hemp seeds. All the ingredients are thoughtfully chosen to offer a clean, delicious snack bar both kids and adults will love.

Bombur’s Vanishing Cobbler and The Hobbit #Giveaway! vanishing cobbler the hobbit recipes from Middle Earth 338-a

The original recipe for Vanishing Cobbler used berries though I changed it up to feature current season fruits: fresh and dried reconstituted. The directions are brief in the original recipe, as I imagine Hobbits and Dwarves are more focused on the eating and not the preparation! I embellished the preparation steps a bit and chose to make my cobbler in mini individual Hobbit-size cocottes. Directions for making a pan also included.

Split Pea Soup with Red Wine and Ham

Split Pea Soup with Red Wine and Ham |

Winter is a quiet season for a Colorado Locavore.  Unless one has resources who greenhouse grow (fortunately I know some farmers who do) our task is to live from our stores from the fall.  This generally means a lot of root vegetables, winter squash, apples, pears (though those pears stored are probably about out now) […]

Smokin’ Volcano Chocolate Cake (with GF option) and a Sneaky Tiki cocktail

Smoking Volcano Cake |

Normally I’m quite studious when approaching this recipe swap.  This month, however, I was stumped about the original recipe, ‘Busy Day’ Wacky Cake, as its ‘wackiness’ totally eluded me.  Fortunately fellow swapper Jennifer of The Adventuresome Kitchen popped to the forefront, breaking the code for all of us.  She explained the method behind the madness […]

Great DIY Halloween Cocktail Napkins & some Spooky Brew!

Halloween DIY homemade cocktail napkins

I personally love more rustic fabric choices feeling they set the tone for the holiday. I used an orange gingham check and natural colored linen. As a guide, each napkin requires 9 ½ by 9 ½ inches of fabric. Using that as a guide select the amount of fabric needed for the number of napkins you wish to make. Pinking shears both add a decorative edge as well as discourage fabric from raveling on the edges.

Santa Goes Local for Christmas


It’s always felt funny to me when adults recount their Christmas holidays by listing everything ‘they got’.    Having said that I could not resist sharing some of my stocking stuffings for the local finds they are (not to talk about ‘what I GOT’!).  Very exciting and definitely got my local mojo going for the next season […]

Haricot Vert and Mushroom Casserole with Gruyere and Lardons {bacon}

Haricot Vert and Mushroom Casserole with Gruyere Cheese and Lardon Thanksgiving -

This French-inspired re-do of the classic Green Bean Casserole elevates the beloved side dish to a whole new level. Everything is fresh with delicate Haricot Vert replacing traditional green beans and fresh sauteed mushrooms taking the place of canned mushroom soup. Shallot rings, lardons (matchstick slices of bacon), fresh thyme and Gruyere cheese add depth of flavor to the earthy side dish. Topped with French bread crumbs and slivered almonds, the casserole still delivers a crunchy bite!

When preparing a side dish for the holidays at the same time as several other dishes, time consumption can be a challenge. There are some shortcuts with this casserole if needed! Purchase mushrooms pre-sliced. Most grocery stores offer them in the produce department and have a good variety of options. Use pre-made bread crumbs instead of making your own. Any type will do though a neutral flavor works best.

Most of the more time consuming prep work may be done the day before: trimming the beans, slicing the shallots, grating the cheese, slicing the lardons/bacon, making the bread crumbs and slicing the mushrooms. Prepping everything only leaving sauteing, combining and baking for the serving day will keep things simple!

Roasted Pumpkin and Cannellini Bean Soup

Roasted Pumpkin and Cannellini Bean Soup. Five healthy ingredients give this soup a great flavor and creamy texture without loads of calories. Gluten-free. -

This simple soup is sure to become a cold weather favorite. Five simple ingredients create a thick creamy soup thanks to the pureed cannellini beans; no cream is included! It’s packed with protein and fiber, along with great taste.

The soup will be blended at the end so no need to be fussy about how you cut up the pumpkin. Cooking time for roasting pumpkin will vary depending on its size; between 45-90 minutes. Be sure not to puree the pumpkin after roasting it. Any excess roasted pumpkin may be [pureed|] and frozen or used in other recipes.

Back-to-School: Great Lunch Box Ideas & Tips

Back-to-School Lunch Ideas -

Starting a new school year is like moving to another planet.  But making lunches doesn’t have to be!  Here is all you need for lunch box success; food, recipes, lunch box comparisons and buying guides, the best containers and fantastic tips! This is the time of year that I begin to get desperate emails from friends begging […]

Cowboy Caviar

Cowboy Caviar |

Labor Day weekend was sublime.  I awoke Saturday morning and as if on cue the temperature had dropped at least 20 degrees greeting me with a fall like morning.  Good bye triple digits of the last beastly weeks; hello sweater weather.  This could change in Colorado in a minute but the reprieve lasted all weekend […]